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The main floor of our SouthPark store is filled with distinctive masculine gifts, each of the highest quality.

Fine Spanish leather cases, cufflinks, pewter flasks, unique barware, gaming and chess sets and collegiate gift items, as well as exquisitely crafted humidors from Paris, Geneva and Dublin grace our showcases.

Please review our products page for more information about our cigars, pipes, tobaccos and accessories.


Our 400 square foot humidor is the largest in our region. The entire room, from ceiling to floor, is half-inch thick Honduran Spanish Cedar. The climate is computer controlled and carefully maintained at 70 degrees and 70 percent humidity.

We are proud stockists of such world class brands as Davidoff, Ashton, Cohiba, Fuente, Montecristo, Padron and dozens of others. The more than 800 facings on our shelves are testimony to a commitment to our passion.

Three decades of experience have taught us to indulge the discriminating client with only the finest blends of the industry. Tinder Box only stocks the best selling brands. From the tenured giants to the up and coming niche companies, we align ourselves with those we believe are, or will be, long term players who share our passion.

We will not offer you unknown selections!


The smoking room is quite a gathering spot during lunch hour, late afternoons and on weekends! With it's comfortably appointed leather chairs and leather sofa, these luxurious seats offer a great spot to relax, savor a cigar, listen to jazz and meet new friends.

Rich cherry cabinetry, soft lighting and state of the art air purification add to your comfort!

It's a great place to enjoy your, come burn one with us!


Tinder Box is pleased to offer private lockers to clients for careful storage and aging of premium cigars.

The lockers, lined in Honduran Spanish cedar, are meticulously climate controlled. Large lockers hold approximately 8 boxes and small lockers hold about 5 boxes of cigars. The exterior is constructed of cherry wood and each locker is personalized with a brass nameplate.

These lockers are leased on an annual basis, from September 1 - August 31.

Locker holders receive special mailings on limited release brands, as well as invitations to private tastings and events. We also offer stocking services to our locker holders, placing cigars in reserve upon request and billing their account.

On average, three to four lockers become available annually. Although demand is high, we do maintain a waiting list. To request a place on the waiting list, please call or stop by. Or if you prefer, you may direct your request to


Pipes are occasionally of extraordinary interest. Nothing has more individuality save, perhaps, watches and bootlaces.


A wide array of the best known names are found here... each representative of fine craftmanship and superior quality. Ashton, Barbie, Brebbia, Castleford, Dunhill, Ferndown and Ser Jacopo are but a few of the more than 30 brands available.

We stock over 80 different tobaccos on our shelves. From specialty brands, such as North Carolina's own Cornell & Diehl, to England's popular Esoterica and Samuel Gawith, we bring you the finest tinned tobaccos in the world. We certainly haven't neglected the bulk tobaccos, as the well known blends from Stokkebye, Lane and others are also found. If you don't see what you're looking for, let us get it for you!

We offer an excellent pipe repair service and also in-house bowl and bit polishing.

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